Get 25% Off Your Kids Clothes!

So I have some great news for all my lovely readers and HomeBase Podcast listeners! First I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to buying clothes for my son I am always looking for a deal. Unfortunately when you shop for a deal most the time that means you end up with blah clothes, and let’s be honest it’s really fun to dress our kiddos so we want super cutesy clothes! 

Now there are two things about Gymboree clothes that I know to be true. 

One: Their clothes are adorable! 

Two: Their clothes are made really well, they last a long time and hold up to hours of play. 

So that being established you would probably say that Gymboree would be the perfect place to shop right? Well…..their clothes are a little pricey. Now I want to be clear, you are getting good quality for a price that reflects that, but wouldn’t you like to get it for cheaper?! Duh right! 

So because I am awesome and because Gymboree loves me, they have given me a code to 25% OFF that I get to share with all of my HomeBase Podcast peeps! You can get that code –HERE– Now before you go running off to get your amazing deal I want to tell you all a secret! This 25% off is good for clearance items too!!! WHAT!! I know it’s crazy! If you are still having trouble grasping the awesomeness of the situation here is a visual to help: 

 These are two dresses I got for my niece (size 6-12 months) that are from Gymborees exclusive Olivia Line. So cute, I’m wishing I had a girl to wear these, especially the teal one I love it! So ready for the crazy price reveal?! These dresses were originally between $30-$40 a piece, I nabbed them on clearance and used my code to get them for $4.95 a piece!!! You wouldn’t even be able to get these dresses at a consignment shop for that price! 

I’m so hooked to Gymboree now! The best part is my little guys clothes reflect how adorable his personality is now! No more plain white onesies for us! Can I get an Amen!! 

So go go shop shop! And don’t forget to share this code with your friends! Tweet It! Email It! Link to this post on Facebook! 

………..and feel free to show me your gratitude by leaving me some loven via comments on the blog or reviews on iTunes! 

Xoxoxoxox –Merry Christmas–




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