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This weeks episode of HomeBase podcast is an interview I conducted with one of my labor and delivery nurses, and good friend, nurse Brande! We get into lots of great topics like choices during labor, why all the fluids, and what to gift your nurses. It is a must listen to episode, not to mention the parenting hack this week rocks! So tune in!

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Mom Wars


This weeks episode I go head first into the hot button topics that spur on wars between fellow moms. But this time we are keeping the gloves off and just talking about the facts. So sit back and relax because this war isn’t getting messy. No emotions or judgement here! Topics include: Co-Sleeping, Crying It Out, Spanking, Helicopter Parenting, Red Shirting, Organic Food, Vaccines, SAHM vs. Working Mom, Breastfeeding, and Birthing Preference! 

Link for Pediacast Doctor Training episode 273. 

Link for Pediacast Vaccine Info episode 251.

Link for Jim Gill Music.

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Daddy Discussion

Hey there everybody!

This week I am joined by a very special guest (psst….It’s my husband) to get the Daddy perspective on some of the topics we have been covering in the past few weeks, mainly Losing Your Identity! So do dads have identity crisis problems post birth? To find out you are going to have to take a listen! I warn you, it’s a doozy of an episode! Insightful and laugh out loud funny! Buckle up this is the Mr. and Mrs. Poteet hour!


The art I found for our “Mommy Mantra” this week is so pretty, I wanted to share it on here as well as on Twitter. So Enjoy!


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Hospital Bag Absolute MUST HAVES!

 On this weeks episode of HomeBase Podcast I shared with you guys my list of things you actually need for your hospital stay post baby. For your convenience I have compiled it into a short list! However you should still listen to the episode because I spill my guts over my labor story and who would want to miss that!
What you actually NEED in your hospital bag:

1. Clothes for your wee one – the stuff the hospital gives you is not very warm or cute at all! So bring cute gowns and hats to keep your little munchkin warm and picture ready!

2. Bathing Essentials – of course you are going to want to shower and brush your teeth so bring that stuff with you, and don’t forget if you are a contacts wearer to bring your case and glasses, you may feel like switching during labor.

3. Camera, Cellphone, and Chargers – you are going to want to take pictures of course!

4. Boppy or Bursing Pillow – this makes that first time nursing so much more comfortable. Plus! It is really helpful for visitors who want to hold the baby that maybe need a little help (like your little nieces and nephews).

5. Extra Tote Bag – (I forgot to mention this in the podcast oops!) but this is actually really handy for all that free stuff the hospital gives you to take home! 

6. Chapstick – I don’t know how your lips get so chapped with all the fluids they pump in you during labor but you are going to want some Chapstick!

7. Clothes to wear home – you are not going to fit back into your skinny jeans, so I recommend bringing the maternity pants or some sweats for the car ride home. 

See nice and short! But seriously your hospital has everything, so don’t stress yourself out and bring only what you need. For more details listen to this weeks episode! 

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