Episode 46 – Smoothies

This week on HomeBase podcast I battle a cold while discussing smoothies! I share tips and tricks on how to prep them, make them, shop for them, and how to round out your child’s meals so they get optimum nutrition! Take a listen! Make sure you subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss any upcoming episodes! 


Episode 37 – Squeasy Gear

This weeks episode of HomeBase podcast I review Squeasy Gear! The food pouch trend for toddlers and small children has been growing rapidly partly due to convenience but also due to ease of use for small kiddos. I break down the pros and cons of the trend and share a brand that is daring to change how you feed your kids and yourself! Plus I share my easy go to green smoothie recipe that is made up of things you probably already have in your fridge!  Don’t miss this episode! 

Go here to enter the SqueasyGear Give Away!  http://www.homebasepodcast.com/blog/2016/3/6/squeasy-gear-review

To check out more SqueasyGear go to their website at  http://www.squeasygear.com/ and enter code “EASY20” for 20% off your order!