25 Family Friendly Christmas Activities

Hey there All! It’s that wonderful time of the year again; the time for love, laughter, giving, friendship, family, and memories. I wanted to complile MY list of 25 family Christmas activities that are gauranteed to get your family in the holiday spirit! So here it goes!

25 Family Friendly Christmas Activites:

  1. Make your own garland for your tree or banister using popcorn, paper chains, burlap, ribbon, etc.
  2. DIY Orange Slice Ornaments (Instructions here)
  3. Make a Bird Feeder (Instructions here)
  4. Make Festive Playdough and play with Cookie Cutters (Recipees here)
  5. Decorate Cookies
  6. Go for a drive to look at Christmas Lights (I spy sheets here)
  7. Have a Hot Chocolate Bar and Board Game Night
  8. Read a Christmas Story
  9. Make Paper Snowflakes and tape them to your windows and mirrors.
  10. Make Reindeer Food and go feed your local Reindeer (Recipee here)
  11. Watch a Christmas Movie
  12. Decorate a Gingerbread House
  13. Make Popcorn Balls (Recipe here)
  14. Make Christmas Cards to pass out at a Retirement Home
  15. Donate Canned Food to a Food Drive
  16. Go Caroling
  17. Choose 3 Toys to Donate to a Toy Drive
  18. Make a Snowglobe (Directions here)
  19. Camp out by your Christmas Tree
  20. Christmas Themed Pizza Night! Shape your dough into a tree and decorate with toppings. Or buy varying sizes of frozen cheese pizzas and build a snowman and then decorate him with toppings.
  21. Make Christmas Bark (Recipe here)
  22. Walk around town, a mall, or a hospital and hand out candy canes
  23. Get a Christmas Activity Book
  24. Collect Pinecones to decorate (an idea here)
  25. Make a kid friendly punch or mocktail for Christmas Day (recipe here)

Enjoy! Merry Christmas!


You Baby Me Mummy