25 Family Friendly Christmas Activities

Hey there All! It’s that wonderful time of the year again; the time for love, laughter, giving, friendship, family, and memories. I wanted to complile MY list of 25 family Christmas activities that are gauranteed to get your family in the holiday spirit! So here it goes!

25 Family Friendly Christmas Activites:

  1. Make your own garland for your tree or banister using popcorn, paper chains, burlap, ribbon, etc.
  2. DIY Orange Slice Ornaments (Instructions here)
  3. Make a Bird Feeder (Instructions here)
  4. Make Festive Playdough and play with Cookie Cutters (Recipees here)
  5. Decorate Cookies
  6. Go for a drive to look at Christmas Lights (I spy sheets here)
  7. Have a Hot Chocolate Bar and Board Game Night
  8. Read a Christmas Story
  9. Make Paper Snowflakes and tape them to your windows and mirrors.
  10. Make Reindeer Food and go feed your local Reindeer (Recipee here)
  11. Watch a Christmas Movie
  12. Decorate a Gingerbread House
  13. Make Popcorn Balls (Recipe here)
  14. Make Christmas Cards to pass out at a Retirement Home
  15. Donate Canned Food to a Food Drive
  16. Go Caroling
  17. Choose 3 Toys to Donate to a Toy Drive
  18. Make a Snowglobe (Directions here)
  19. Camp out by your Christmas Tree
  20. Christmas Themed Pizza Night! Shape your dough into a tree and decorate with toppings. Or buy varying sizes of frozen cheese pizzas and build a snowman and then decorate him with toppings.
  21. Make Christmas Bark (Recipe here)
  22. Walk around town, a mall, or a hospital and hand out candy canes
  23. Get a Christmas Activity Book
  24. Collect Pinecones to decorate (an idea here)
  25. Make a kid friendly punch or mocktail for Christmas Day (recipe here)

Enjoy! Merry Christmas!


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25 Days of Christmas


This weeks episode of HomeBase Podcast is a fun one! I share with you all my 25 Family Friendly Christmas Activities! These activities are meant to help you celebrate the holidays and get your hearts and minds and family into the season of celebration and giving!  Do one a day or a few and have some holiday fun!

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