Episode 52 – My Growing Season

This week on HomeBase podcast I got to sit down and talk to Michele Sly of My Growing Season! We talk about their amazing products, the work that goes into creating them, and what they have in store for you guys!! Hint, it’s a 25% OFF COUPON! Crazy generous! You guys will be hooked! I also share my review of one of their Quiet Books! You can read the review and see the pictures here.

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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten 

For those of you lovelies out there that listen to the podcast, you will remember I shared with you all this very cool program at our public library. For those of you that don’t listen to HomeBase Podcast………..seriously I’m concerned, it’s a thing and you don’t want to be that one person missing out do you?! So go skip on over to iTunes and rectify the situation now! JUST DO IT!!! iTunes Link to AWESOMENESS! 

Alright on to this cool program! 

So it’s called 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten and essentially that’s what it is. You get this note book that is numbered 1 – 1,000 and every time you read a book to your child or your child reads a book you log it in the book by writing Title, Author, and Date.  Simple right? Exactly! 

What is really cool is when you reach certain milestones like 100 200 500 and so on, you take your log book to the library and they give you a prize! Also it is important to write down any book even if you have read it together loads of times! It doesn’t have to be 1,000 different books (although that would be a cool goal maybe for myself).   So let me guess, you’re sitting there thinking “I wonder if my library does something like this?” Well here are two suggestions: one being if they don’t then tell them about it! Maybe they just need a visionary like yourself to come in with fresh new ideas (you don’t have tell them that you got the idea from me 😉). Secondly you could just do it yourself! Go buy your kids their own super cool notebook to log what they (and you, don’t forget to read to your kids) read. Then reward them once they get to a milestone. 

I think these notebooks will be a great keepsake someday. I know I wish I had one from when I was little. Hope you all love the idea! Be sure to share it via Twitter or Pinterest with all your friends! #readtoyourkids 💕

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10 Tips and Tricks to Promote Reading

Hey there Everyone!

On this weeks HomeBase Podcast episode I shared with you all some fantastic ways to get your kiddos interested in reading. Most of you are probably thinking “Thank Goodness!!” because in this day an age it is a struggle to get kids to put down their phones and pick up a book. However, some of you (the lucky few) may have some very studious bookworms already living with you and you feel like this doesn’t apply to you. First I’m going to say don’t get cocky! As a teacher I have seen many a great readers fall off the band wagon to never return to the wonderful world of books. Secondly you probably know someone who could use this info so you should consider passing it on. Either way this is some great information so you should bookmark it for later, use it now, and share it with your friends!

Along with these very great thoroughly researched tested tips, I have included some quotes on reading and books to get you inspired to start reading yourself! So let’s get to it!

How to Raise a Reader:

1. Go to the Library – There is so much to do at the library these days you are going to want to make sure to check out their calendar of events. Ask if you can get involved either with an upcoming event, book club, or choose to volunteer your time shelving books. Volunteering at the library is a great way to get to know the library, find new books, and get your older kids involved. Make going to the library a routine so it’s something your kids can expect and rely on. Don’t forget that the library is more than just books, most have DVDs, CDs, and Books on CD. Lastly, be sure to let your kids check out multiple books. This way if they start a book and just can’t seem to get into it they can move on to something else (this also saves you from reading the same book over and over if you have children that are at the picture book level).

2. Be an Example – If our children don’t see us read they won’t give it any value themselves. Setting a good example is the easiest and biggest way to make an impact on our kids. Pick up a book and read!

3. Let Them Read What They Want – This is within reason of course, but if you let your kids choose what they want to read they are more apt to read in the future. Even if it’s a magazine, comic book, or graphic novel let them start there.

4. Read as a Family – There have been a lot of studies done around reading out loud to your kids and the studies show that it’s a really good thing! Not only does it impact test scores, reading comprehension, fluency, and over all smarts, but it’s also a great way to bond and strengthen your family core. Consider picking out a book at the library and get everyone a copy so when one person reads out loud the others can follow along (this really helps build vocabulary since your kids will be hearing the words and seeing them as well). Or you could have a family book club, meet up once a week and discuss the chapters you all read that week (you can find a lot of discussion questions online especially for young adult books).

5. Get Hooked on a Series – It’s a tad sneaky but if you get your kiddos hooked on a book series then they will have to keep going to get to the conclusion. Another great thing is to get them hooked on an Author. Make sure when your kids are reading that you are pointing out who the Author and Illustrator are, it may even be good to make a note of this somewhere so you know who they like to read.

6. Make Reading a Routine – Wether it’s a book before bed, during dinner, or first thing when you wake up, find time for a book, a chapter, some reading every day the same time every day. It also helps if you keep books everywhere in your house and car, if you see it you do it!

7. Let Them Read Below Their Reading Level – This is especially good tip for those young readers that are still working on building their reading confidence. Reading below their reading level can help them improve their fluency and it makes reading a pleasure not a challenge. Also let your child reread books. This takes the pressure off of focusing on reading the words and allows them to absorb the story.

8. Read Picture Books – Picture books span all ages and actually contain more rare words and subtle humor that younger kids don’t pick up on but your school age child might. Picture books are a great family book to read together snuggled on the couch.

9. Not Just Homework – Don’t allow your kids to only read the required reading at school. If your kids are only associating reading with school work they are naturally over time going to start to dislike it. Most kids grow to dislike school work, especially once they hit middle school and high school, it’s human nature. So be sure your child doesn’t feel that way about reading. Encourage them to have something that is just for enjoyment, even if its only a magazine, a comic book, or graphic novel. Reading is reading in any shape or form.

10. Listen to Audio Books – Kids can listen to audio books that are above their reading level because their listening comprehension is higher than their reading comprehension. This introduces them to rich stories told with expression and this boosts their fluency and comprehension. Don’t forget you can pair the print book with the audio book so your child can follow along and build on their vocabulary. Audio Books are another great way for families to bond on road trips.

Go Read! 

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How to Raise a Reader


On this weeks episode of HomeBase Podcast, I share with you all tips and tricks on how to get your kids into reading and loving it for years to come! Reading is the foundation for everything; the power of a good reader is limitless. However, what if your child just doesn’t love the world of books? With these tips you will be able to change that and turn your kiddos into proper book worms! Subscribe and take a listen!

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