Episode 51 – Talking About Food With Your Kids

This week on HomeBase podcast we start a series about educating your kids on food. We kick this series off by covering where to start…..the grocery store of course! I share ideas and tips on how to have purposeful conversations at the grocery to grow your children’s interest. Then what to do with that information once you get home.  

Take a listen, this is a great episode for kiddos of all ages from tots to teens!  

Here is the link for Produce Bingo

Dont forget we are on a two week break after this episode while I am away on vacation! Have a Happy 4th! 


Episode 45 – Summer Bucket List

This week on HomeBase podcast I am sharing my Summer Bucket List! A list of fun activities approved for the whole family. Make sure you visit here to get the written out version of this list that you can share, print, and pin! 

Be Present Part 2




This weeks HomeBase episode I share 20 quick and simple ways for you to be present with your kiddos. We all get busy so I made a list of easy 10 minute activities that will supply you a lot of special moments and fun memories. Plus listen for a parenting hack that will buy you some free time! Don’t forget to leave me some reviews on iTunes and to check me out on Patreon!

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You Baby Me Mummy

Baby DIY

Hello my lovely listeners!

This week I share with you all a list of everything DIY for your wee ones! All of these are things we do in our own household and I’m very excited to share them all with you! From nursing covers to gripe water, It’s all here. So take a listen and enjoy!

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Summer Fun and Travel Tips

Hey Everyone!

This week I talk about Summer activities that are guaranteed to make your Summer fun! Then I give you my top travel tips, you guys are going to want these tips, they are a life saver! And finally I share with you an article written by Ayesha Curry for Time Magazine, It’s amazing!

Take a Listen!