Episode 45 – Summer Bucket List

This week on HomeBase podcast I am sharing my Summer Bucket List! A list of fun activities approved for the whole family. Make sure you visit here to get the written out version of this list that you can share, print, and pin! 


Episode 44 – Hidden Germs

This week on HomeBase podcast I am talking about germs! I cover what they are, how they spread, how you can talk about them with your kids, where they are hiding in your house, and easy ways to clean them out! This is our Spring Cleaning episode so roll up your sleeves and grab a bucket, let’s get cleaning! Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes!  

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Episode 43 – Toddler Meal Take Over

This week on HomeBase podcast we discuss toddler meal time. I share some ideas for quick and easy no mess meals, plus what you should be stocking your pantry and fridge with. Also tips and tricks on how to win the meal time battles! Don’t forget a parenting hack that will rock your world and a mommy mantra to keep you mindful! It’s all here so tune in!