1,000 Books Before Kindergarten 

For those of you lovelies out there that listen to the podcast, you will remember I shared with you all this very cool program at our public library. For those of you that don’t listen to HomeBase Podcast………..seriously I’m concerned, it’s a thing and you don’t want to be that one person missing out do you?! So go skip on over to iTunes and rectify the situation now! JUST DO IT!!! iTunes Link to AWESOMENESS! 

Alright on to this cool program! 

So it’s called 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten and essentially that’s what it is. You get this note book that is numbered 1 – 1,000 and every time you read a book to your child or your child reads a book you log it in the book by writing Title, Author, and Date.  Simple right? Exactly! 

What is really cool is when you reach certain milestones like 100 200 500 and so on, you take your log book to the library and they give you a prize! Also it is important to write down any book even if you have read it together loads of times! It doesn’t have to be 1,000 different books (although that would be a cool goal maybe for myself).   So let me guess, you’re sitting there thinking “I wonder if my library does something like this?” Well here are two suggestions: one being if they don’t then tell them about it! Maybe they just need a visionary like yourself to come in with fresh new ideas (you don’t have tell them that you got the idea from me 😉). Secondly you could just do it yourself! Go buy your kids their own super cool notebook to log what they (and you, don’t forget to read to your kids) read. Then reward them once they get to a milestone. 

I think these notebooks will be a great keepsake someday. I know I wish I had one from when I was little. Hope you all love the idea! Be sure to share it via Twitter or Pinterest with all your friends! #readtoyourkids 💕

You Baby Me Mummy

Agatha Christie

So I am addicted. It all started my freshman year of high school when my English teacher handed out our copies of “And Then There Where None.” We read it for class, I thought it was brilliant! After I graduated high school, I was at a loss one day for what I wanted to read. I thought back to all the amazing books that I read through school and loved: Shakespeare, Homer, Emerson, Agatha. It was on that last name that I decided I was going to spend my next literary adventure. My next Christie was “Murder on the Orient Express.” That was all the push I needed. I was introduced to Hercule Poirot. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting this funny little Belgian than you are missing out on one of the greatest characters of the literary world and a truly entertaining one at that. Reading a Hercule Poirot story is like meeting an old friend that you can depend on and never be disappointed in.

The wonderful thing about most of the Poirot stories is he partners with an equally creative and entertaining character, Captain Hastings. You will fall in love him and his comical narratives of the mysteries that Poirot solves.
All of this set aside we must give Miss Jane Marple our due as well. She is a witty and clever women that is also a pleasure to read. She solves a mystery and presents its solution in such a matter a fact way that you sit and think “Why did I not think of that?” All and all Christie’s books are an utter joy to read! They are impossible to put down I have many times read some of her books in under 24 hours.

So my mission, which I chose to accept, is to read all of Christie’s books before I die. I am 15 books in, which I think is a decent start. There are 91 total so I still have a way to go. I am currently reading “Third Girl” and loving it! There is a reason that Agatha has sold more books than any other author of all time except William Shakespeare. The dame has got style and talent! Pick a book up and check it out this summer, and when you think that there can be no possible solution to the crime remember: “The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.” (Hercule Poirot)