fall effects more than trees

No matter how far I run

I can never escape the setting sun

The breeze on my face

Brings memories of a far off place

Apple cider  and fast rope swings

When I think back there are so many things

Leaves in my hair, bark on my knees

I was always up climbing  in a tree

Mud pies in the warm sunlight

A blanket of stars covered the night

Harvest brought the corn fields down

Used to decorate the streets of town

Small town love, and a big embrace

Is the custom in this far out place

It seems no matter where I go

Fall seems to find me and let me know

My country love will never leave

The country will always live in me



Today’s Post is a poem or jumble.

When you take a word and just start writing what comes to mind.

The word is Silence and this is what I thought:

It’s a deafening noise so solemn and consuming.

It will creep up on you  waiting,

always waiting for the moment

you snap.

How do you define it?

As being alone in a room, in the world?

It’s an emptiness so defying.

Not heart felt or warm but a pain that won’t go.

A burn that keeps burning

A wound that won’t heal

A knife that cuts, a knot in your throat

A stumble of words

It’s that grave pause on the phone

It’s awkward and appalling

When no words can be exchanged

When all is hidden and sparse

It’s the chill up your spine

The creek in the floor.

It’s the flicker of a candle

The wind on the  door.

It’s when you hung up on me

and never called back.

It’s the fear in the air

as I sit by the phone.

It’s that time and place

where the world hits a faze

The earth is lost in a great black hole

never to see the light of day.

It’s cold and dim, gray and dark

not a place for a young person’s heart.

A deafening silence that pierces through.

Remnants of chalk dust or dirt on your shoe.

Oh save us all from this break in life,

this social gap and waste of time.

Laugh out loud and crash this hell

Push it out of mind and out of place.

Be pleased with who you are.

Don’t ever listen to some other star.

Shine for yourself and break through the night.

Pull out the good in every ones eyes.

Save us from a silence so cold and bitter.

We are like plants and need light to not wither.

So soak up the sun and pour it on me.

Kill the silence and end this dynasty.


Blue is the color of his eyes

So crystal and clear

They can glow when he’s happy

And darken with fear.


It’s as if when he looks at you

They read the fine print

He can see through your eyes

Green and transparent.


He knows when you’re lying

He knows when you’re hurt

There’s just no denying

Those eyes what they’re worth.


He can pull out the truth

And twist it to what it should

He can roll you in his hands

And mold you to good.


When you leave his side

To say goodbye

His eyes will shine

And remain in mind.


So when I lie in bed

And cant rest my head

When I am lost and dismembered

Blue is the color I will remember.

Waking Up to Sunshine

Eyes blinking open, flutter open, open wide

Legs lay stiff from a cold empty night

The sun pours in, brightening room, warming face

Beginning the day, the morning takes its place.


Afternoon brings the heat, the sun at its peak

Lunch as a picnic by the bay of the creek

The grass between your toes tickles up to your nose

The water on the rocks shimmers  and glows as it flows.


Can you stand still by a tall oak tree

Can you listen to the rattle of the branches and the leaves

Dare you climb to the top to see the blue in the sky

Or lay in the grass, watch the clouds float by.


The sun sets its wings on a crest, say goodnight

The moon floats to sky and ushers in the light

Back to your bed, where dreams never cease

May the stars guide your thoughts as you lay fast asleep.