Vince Guaraldi

Let me start by saying I am a Pre-K Teacher. It is currently summer vacation and although it is nice having some time off, to lounge and work on my book, I am more than ready to see all those little faces again. What I love most about teaching is it makes you appreciate so much through out the year.

Such as, you develop a child like love for all the holidays. You begin to take joy in the change of the seasons. You cherish new flowers in Spring, colorful leaves in Autumn, and a perfect white snow in Winter. It all seems magical. Oddly enough there is another person that puts me in that place of misty eyed admiration. Vince Guaraldi, I am sure you have heard of him. He composed the music for The Peanuts, Charles Schulz famous comic strip creation.

The Peanuts was such a fun lighthearted comic strip/show and they always had fun holiday specials on TV; I think this is why I associate Vince Guaraldi and his music with fun times. He is always invited to all my holiday celebrations. It doesn’t matter if I am baking Christmas cookies, planning a Halloween party, grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, laying out in the bright Summer sun, or sipping a cup of tea during a really good Spring rain I always have to have Vince their playing in the background.

I feel that it is hard to be sad while listening to Vince play. His music always keeps things in perspective for me. Since I associate his music with lighthearted good times, any time I feel down I just listen and before I know it I’m telling myself it isn’t as bad as it seems. It is that child like outlook. Having that outlook is truly a blessing in disguise. Some people may think it makes you naive or careless, but honestly it gives you the glass is always half full point of view, everything is never as bad as it seems, positive, and on the up and up. I may sound artificial or preachy right now (did I mention I am a teacher on summer vacation), but really its just about finding what is important in life, and holding on to the good times and not taking them for granted.

I guess this is my long-winded way of saying I love working with kids, and writing children’s literature. I hope this inspires you to listen to Vince Guaraldi or watch a Peanuts special (my favorite is It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, the part where Linus jumps into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker gets me laughing every time.) Me and my husband bond over our silly child like outlooks, but you know at the end of the day it keeps us sane. Life is only as hard as you make it. If you are always looking forward to Santa coming, then every night will feel like Christmas Eve.