How to Seize the Moment ~ Being a Mindful Parent

On this weeks episode of HomeBase Podcast I talked about Seizing the Moment. As parents it is really easy to get caught up in what you need to accomplish each day that you miss out on the special moments with your kids. How many times have we been so into capturing the picture of the memory, that we don’t actually experience the memory. We need to face the fact that  being present in every interaction with our children, and our spouse, needs to be a priority. But you may be thinking “how do I go about doing that?” Never fear, one of my helpful lists are hear! If you haven’t listened to this weeks episode, you should go do that first because there is always more details in the podcast episodes. Then come back and check out this list to keep as a reminder! You could even print it out and put it on your fridge!


How to Be a More Mindful Parent:

  • Find the Memory ~ take things in, look for things to remember, keep a memento, ask yourself what is special about right now?
  • Just Stop! ~ whatever it is that you’re doing just stop, think of it as freezing the world and focusing in on your kids, what you’re doing can wait that moment with your child wont wait it will be gone forever.
  • Ask yourself “What would happen?” ~ what would happen if you let yourself just be in that moment? Drop your shield, be goofy, and make it your goal to make your child smile. You wont be embarrassed, you will have fun and the memories you and your child will share will be priceless!
  • Incorporate Them ~ ask yourself how you could incorporate your child into what you are doing right now.
  • Be Spontaneous ~ the best times you spend with your kids are the times you throw the schedule out the window and just do what you feel like doing. Go to the park, pick some apples, bake cookies, create a puppet theater production, go to the library, or have a cartoon marathon!
  • Find the Joy ~ instead of looking for the to do list, what would happen if you focused on what was bringing you joy? To much as parents we focus on where we can improve instead of just realizing that we are enough for our kids right now.
  • Have Meaningful Conversations ~ too often our conversations with our kids are one sided, meaning they talk and we don’t listen or respond! If your child is talking to you stop what you’re doing and actually listen. Give thoughtful responses. Also start the conversation yourself! Share a memory from when you were a kid or a make up a fairy tale. If your child is too young to understand, just look at it as practice!
  • Take Videos ~ we all want to take pictures on our smart phones, but then you spend that precious moment wasted trying to capture the perfect picture. Instead take videos so you don’t miss anything and then go back and take still shots from your videos. Most smart phones are capable of this and if you aren’t sure how Google it!
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