What happened??…….Sorry!!

Hey there everyone! It’s been waaaay too long and I just want to start apologizing right off the bat. You have probably been wondering what happened and where is the podcast?? I have been making some tough choices for HomeBase and I have come too some difficult decisions along the way. For starters, as beautiful as our last website was we felt it wasn’t very mobile friendly and that this was causing us to lose some readers. So thus we started merging things back over to WordPress. However we are still working on getting things just right so bare with us as we are still under construction. I am happy to say though that we now have a search bar on the site!! I have been wanting this feature added in for some time because we simply have too many posts that it was impossible to find anything!! 

Secondly, during this time of transition I have been reflecting on what I enjoy the most about blogging and podcasting. For me I really enjoy the blogging part the most and I was finding that I had little time for that with how much work I was having to put into the podcast. You see I am not quite the typical blogger, most bloggers have scheduled posts and a set number of things they post a week, that is just too intense for my taste. I really strive to put my roll as a mother and wife first and not have myself planted infront of the computer or on a device for large chunks of my day. Im not saying this is what every blogger does, that’s just what I would have to do if I was going to meet deadlines and things like that. So basically what I’m trying to say rambling along here is that I was too busy podcasting and I was missing the blogging part. So I have decided to discontinue our weekly podcasts. We may still have the occasional episode but I will probably save them for when we have an interview or a special guest. You will still be able to find all past episodes and new episodes in iTunes. 

Our URL is still HomeBasePodcast.com, we are still on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I will still be posting the occasional Mommy Mantra and Parenting Hack as well, so if you really enjoyed those segments of the podcast don’t worry they aren’t going anywhere! I hope these changes are for the better and that we start to see some of our readers return. I know I will appreciate the increase in free time for myself as I am currently chasing after a toddler while growing baby number two. Love you all!! 


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