First Birthday Recap and NO EPISODE THIS WEEK!

Hey there my lovelies! So first let me just apologize for this post being super late. I know I promised it last week and then didn’t deliver so I am truly sorry. Also as you can tell by the title there is not a new podcast episode this week 😔 first week I’ve missed since June and I feel horrible about it. It was not my plan let me assure you! This past weekend was my sons official first birthday so we were busy doing things as a family and then Saturday morning I woke up feeling like crap. So I have been battling a cold all weekend as well. So I let my husband talk me into skipping a week and just making it all up to you next week with a really fantastic episode!!! So the bar is set, hopefully I can reach it! 😉

Onto the first birthday recap! 

The party was a slam dunk! Very small and friendly but bursting with tons of cutesy details that I photographed and will remember forever! Here are a few highlights!   

For more details you can listen to my Planning the First Birthday Episode and hear how I got organized and creative. But let’s move onto the toys! 

So my wee man got some pretty awesome toys for his first birthday (I may have influenced quite a lot what some people bought him but honestly what good mother doesn’t?!) I thought I would post some pictures and reviews/opinions to go with them to kind of help out those of you that are shopping.  

 First up we have the Vtech 2 in 1 Learn and Zoom Motorbike! As you can see it’s a little sit and scoot with lots of noisy buttons. So far this has just been sitting in our living room without much use because he isn’t quite to the point where he understands sitting and scooting. But all in all I’m sure once he gets the hang of it he will love it. It’s very lightweight and easy to take places. 

 Next we have the cutest popper ever! It’s the Fisher-Price Pop and Go Thomas! This guy is so cute and you can take the handle off and then he just becomes a popping train! My little guy loves him (what kid doesn’t love a popper!) and again this is super lightweight and an easy thing to take to grandparents house!  

 This guy is super fun and his songs he plays are slightly less annoying than other similar toys. It’s Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo! You press his tummy or his feet to watch him light up and dance. This is pretty amusing to our little guy he loves anything musical 😊 This is another toy that’s easy to take with you, although I do worry how well he will hold up if dropped. 

 So here we have Mega Bloks and a Wooden Block Train. These are nice cause I can just toss them into a backpack and tote them to wherever we are going. We aren’t quite to the stage yet of understanding building things. He can stack a few things but that’s about it. So these will be much appreciated in a few months I’m sure!  

 This is the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm. It comes with 6 animals, one farmer, and some hay. When you open and close the barn doors it makes different animal sounds. I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture but the whole barn folds up. My only complaint is the barn doesn’t stay together very well when it’s folded up, so if you’re carrying it somewhere the pieces can fall out. It is portable though and my son loves all the little animals.  

 These were my parenting hack last week on the podcast! I love these things! They are WEDGiTS Building Blocks! They are crazy fun for all ages (yeah I’ve been playing with these 😬) and they are so simple! They are rubber, so easy to clean and great for teethers. Endless hours of fun! This is a toy that you won’t be bored playing along with them!  

 This here is a classic and beautiful toy! It’s the B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube! This toy is so fun! It has so much going on that it keeps little guy entertained for a decent amount of time. It’s also so educational (which my preschool teacher background loves) and safe. Notice the corners are flat! It has the play area on top and something manipulative on each side. On the right side in this photo you can see it has the whole alphabet! Love this one! 

 Aren’t these so cute! So since we had a Peanuts themed birthday party we had to get this birthday boy a Peanuts present! These figures are actually bath toys! Rubber, so again easy cleaning and happy teethers! But they are the perfect size! Each one is about 4-5 inches tall and really feel more like a “doll” then a “figurine”. I love them cause I feel like boys get left out at a young age on the whole doll scene and playing with dolls is a very important developmental play that every child (not just girls) needs to do. So I was so excited when I found these at Target! 

   Next up we have the Little Tikes Activity Garden! So this thing is awesome! Yeah it takes up a little space but it’s not that bad. This garden has everything! Ball drop by the window, piano keys on the door, shape sorter in the mailbox, slide, and so much more!! I love it cause it’s so gender neutral that it will be good for any kiddos that come along. Most importantly it encourages those gross motor skills to develope. 
 Lastly here we have a really cool book that me and dad got little man! As you can see it’s a Poke-A-Dot! Book! These books are so neato! I love it, you poke each dot and it pops. Then you turn the page and pop it back out. You can practice counting on each page with your kiddos! This book is hefty! However it keeps little dude entertained forever! He loves it! There are different books in the series and I highly recommend you check them out!

So that’s what our boy got! He made out pretty good right?! Of course he got some clothes too but I wanted to focus in on the toys. We are going to go pretty light at Christmas for this first year. Probably just get some fun stocking stuffers. 

Make sure you guys go check out my Instagram Here. I have a really special picture posted that I would love for you guys to see and be encouraged by this Christmas Season. I love you all and hope you all have a great week!


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