DIY Bumper Matress

Hey there all! I wanted to share some pictures from my recent DIY craft! 

Unfortunately I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out so I didn’t take pictures of the process (which is a bummer) but it’s not that difficult to understand how to do it, so hopefully that won’t keep you fabulous readers from doing it!

So I had a baby crib bumper that was given to me but never used (because of the severe risk of SIDS—-for more info on that be sure to listen to my Podcast Episode about SIDS) so I decided to take this bumper in all its softness and do something with it! 

I came up with the idea of cutting the two short ends off and sewing them together, so I would then have 3 long strips. I then took all three strips and tied them together with the ties that were already attached to the bumper. I did have to cut a few of the ties off and sew them back in so that they would line up with the other ties, but that was easy! 

The whole thing only took about 30 minutes and I think it was well worth it! Now we have this adorable play mat / matress! I totally see us pulling this out in the future when my son has little friends spend the night! And I haven’t mentioned the best part—it folds up super easily!  

I would love to get another bumper and make this one even larger! So there you go, if you have a bumper lying around that hopefully you aren’t using (again listen to the Episode on SIDS) then here is a quick easy craft that you can do so it doesn’t go to waste! Plus think about it—if you turn the bumper into something else then it won’t end up at goodwill and in someone else’s home that may not know what a risk it poses to SIDS. You could be saving a life! I think I may have just started the War On Bumpers!

In fact if you like this post you should tweet it with the hashtag #WarOnBumpers

Now go get yours and turn it into this adorable comfy cushion! (Would be great in a reading nook!)

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5 thoughts on “DIY Bumper Matress

  1. Ah I love this idea. I bought a beautiful Cath Kidston bumper before I knew how dangerous they are so it’ll be amazing to get some sue out of it. Thank you 🙂 #twinklytuesday

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