Indoor Gross Motor Play

So this weeks HomeBase Podcast episode was about the Montessori method of learning, and to go with that I wrote a post listing my 10 favorite Montessori activities. This morning I had A wonderful reader named Julie leave me a comment asking if I had any recommendations for indoor gross motor activities. When I looked back on my post of my 10 favorite activities I realized there was a very big lack of gross motor activities! How could such a fact not occur to me before! 

So I had to rectify this immediately, thus sending me on my quest this morning of some of the greatest “Indoor Gross Motor Activities” known to man! Some of these activities pictures are outside but they are easily adaptable to indoors. Here it is! My list of Awesome Indoor Gross Motor Activities—Julie this ones for you! 😊 

Indoor Gross Motor Activities


1. R is for Racetrack- I loved this moms idea of making a racetrack in her home using uppercase and lowercase letter R. You could do any letter for that matter. Simply yell out uppercase or lowercase and watch them go! Change it up on them in the middle to see if they can adapt. 

2. Pom Pom Color Matching- so simple, set out pieces of colored paper and tell your kiddos they have to blow the Poms to the right colored sheet of paper, then grab your camera to document the silliness! 

3. Indoor Leaf Raking- ummm this is adorable! 

4. Balloon Ping Pong- this is great for your restless boys that want to get up and move! 

5. Pom Pom Egg Race- amp up the difficulty by making them walk on a curvy line!

6. Indoor Puddle Jumping- Adorable! Cut out puddles and raindrops and have fun! I love that this mom had them put on their raincoats and boots!

7. Straw Javelin Throw- instructions for this are Here. I remember playing this when I was in school!

8. Paper Plate Skating- it doesn’t get any easier than this!

9. Sticky Spider Web Toss- this is one of my favorites! I have done it with students countless times! It’s great for all ages. I’ve done it with toddlers and they loved it! The older kids like 6 and 7 made a game out of it. They would throw ping pong balls (each person having their own color) and would see who could get the most to stick. But watch out cause someone might nock yours off! It’s amazing how a little masking tape can create such fun!

10. Tic-Tac-Toe- pretty straight forward and simple.

11. Twister- don’t forget about this traditional gross motor game!

12. Yoga- kids love yoga and you don’t have to be a Yogi yourself to teach your kids. Here are some simple animal poses to get you started! 

13. We’re Going On a Bear Hunt- I can’t wait to do this one it’s so cute! The instructions are Here.

14. Ice Cream Cone Letter Recognition- this is a super inventive idea one mom came up with. You can check it out Here.

15. ABC Leaf Hunt- I love that you could theme this to anything (letters, numbers, shapes, colors) or instead of leaves (cars, balloons, flowers, any shape really) and then just hide them all over your house. Hide them while your little one is asleep and then they wake up to a fun scavenger hunt!

16. Musical Alphabet Game- write each letter in an index card and make a circle. Have your kiddos dance around the circle. When the music stops they have to tell you what letter they stopped by, what sound it makes, and (if they can) a word that starts with that letter. Fun!

17. Number Hop- this is super easy if you have tiles in your kitchen. Just call out a number and they have to hop to it. Or let them count by fives it tens and hop to the numbers! 

18. Charades- this is my favorite gross motor game that’s guaranteed to make everyone laugh. And just for the fun of the season I got you a Halloween printable Charades sheet that you can get Here. 
That’s it! I know it’s a weird number. You’re probably thinking why not 20. Well I don’t have a good answer for that. These were my favorites and so 18 is the number of the day! 😊 If you feel the need to get it to 20 then feel free to add to the list in the comments! And never hesitate to ask me more questions in the comments too! You never know I may just make an entire post about it! Enjoy and Happy Friday!!

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9 thoughts on “Indoor Gross Motor Play

  1. I can’t believe it – I commented like 5 minutes ago and wham bam you’re back with 18 (EIGHTEEN!) ideas. At the moment we’re still going outside a lot but I’m going to bookmark these for the winter.

    • Haha I just happen to see it when my little guy fell asleep for his nap so I went to work! And actually I just take to Pinterest for all this stuff! I searched Indoor Gross Motor Activities and then picked out my favorites. I had to stop myself though cause I kept finding ones I love! I may need to dedicate a board to it! 😆haha

  2. Angela Milnes says:

    wow these are great ideas! I’m going to have to do some pinning on here! Thanks so much for linking up to #positivelyposted… I might just try out a few of these activities. I love the animal poses!

    Angela from xxx

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