The 10 Best Easy Baby DIY

  Hi Everybody!

On Todays HomeBase Podcast episode I shared my list of DIY stuff for babies! This list is amazing for two reasons: one being I use all of these items so I can vouch for their success! And secondly they are all SUPER EASY! I don’t know about you all but some DIYs get a little overwhelming and not really practical with a busy mamma schedule, but not this list! And if you don’t believe me then you should come check us out over on Periscope @homebasepodcast where I will be sharing videos and answering questions for all of these DIYs down below here! Also you can listen to this weeks podcast episode on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts, unless………”shudder”……you aren’t listening to podcasts, which in that case you are seriously missing out! But listen to this weeks episode to hear me walk you guys through how to do these amazing DIYs. So lets get on to the list!

Easy Baby DIYs:

1. Gripe Water – Natural Homemade Gripe Water for Colic in Babies

2. Homemade Puffs –


3. Infant Pancakes –

Baby cereal i can use up the million boxes of rice cereal I have in the pantry!

4. Cheerio Necklace

Cherrios necklace: entertainment and a snack

5. Sensory Bottles, Jars, and Rattles – I go into more detail about how to make these and different ideas for them in this weeks episode so go to the post before this one to take a listen!

Baby sensory bottles! Trial size baby shampoo bottles filled with glitter, water, food coloring and then hot glued shut. Sooo cute!

6. Egg Carton – There are countless things you can do with egg cartons! My 8 month old just enjoys playing with it as is…….I don’t think you can get an easier DIY! But here are a few other great ideas for egg carton usage.

Recycle your egg cartons by using them to hold paint while your kiddos are crafting.Pirate Ship Craft - Egg Carton Craft this actually stays together pretty good looks good on my mantel but did not over do stickers only a pirate symbol on sailStarting seeds in eggshells

7. Diaper Cream and Baby Wipes –

Little Miss Perfectionist: DIY Natural diaper cream.

8. Squishy Bags

I filled a clear ziplock bag with one bottle of clear hair gel which I also purchased from The Dollar Tree, and then tossed in Rosie's light table letters. Rosie loves being asked to find letters. She will squish the contents around until she is able to locate the letter asked, and then quickly asks for me to give her another.

9. Edible Paint (that tastes good!) –

Scented Edible No-Cook Fingerpaint Recipe for Babies and Toddlers from Fun at Home with Kids

10. Nursing Cover / Infinity Scarf –

DIY Infinity Scarf (That Doubles as a Nursing Cover)

So there you go guys! I could have added so many more but I wanted to try and keep it to a realistic number, plus these are THE BEST OF THE BEST!

I want to say thank you to these blogs that have provided my inspiration today. Hopefully a few of you out there are inspired to go DO IT YOURSELF! It doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming to be amazing and fun! The only thing that I talked about on the podcast that is not listed here is my Applesauce Recipe which you can go watch me make here: Also I wanted to list the Twitter handles of the lovely ladies that provided todays pictures and links so you can all go follow them and see what other amazing posts they got: @MerryMessyLife @kanganrue @itsmomtastic @GrowJewelRose @FunatHomeKids @BabbleEditors @BabyCenter @lenyak123

Alright everyone have a great week and go create something!

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10 thoughts on “The 10 Best Easy Baby DIY

  1. Such a great quote, and it is so true on so many levels. I am NOT a creative person, that is why Pinterest is my friend πŸ™‚ but I have found that crafting with my kids keeps my creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing the baby DIYs, I’ll definitely use the gripe water for my daughter.

  2. What a fab quote! I agree- creativity is something that you can improve with practice. The more you create, the more lessons you learn through creating (if that makes sense). You can later apply those lessons learned to future creative moments! (Love your list, by the way!) Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles! xx

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