Monster Toast!

Hey All! 

I apologize for this post coming to you all so late In the week 😔 what can I say my 8 month old has been working on his second tooth so that means he has been glued to my hip all week demanding my FULL UNDEVIDED attention! 

So this week on the podcast I talked about a fun activity I have done countless times with kiddos and they love it!! It’s called MONSTER TOAST! Basically you take milk and food coloring and make an edible paint! Then you take a new paint brush and paint a picture (or a monster face hence the name) on a slice of bread (white works best cause the colors show better.) Once you are finished you toast it and eat it! 


So easy and fun for all ages! I originally found the idea in a Halloween book several years back and it was called Monster Toast because you were painting scary things. I just call it that out of habit now but you can encourage kiddos to paint whatever they want! 

What I love about this is you have all these things on hand at home so you can do it at a drop of a hat! I suggest just buying some new paintbrushes and labeling them “food brushes” and then store them in your kitchen.

Well go make some silly toast with your kiddos and then come back and share some pictures of your works of art! 


Stopping at two

6 thoughts on “Monster Toast!

  1. What a brilliant idea! Would never have thought of it. It sounds simple enough both the boys might be able to get involved. Will definitely be trying this at some point so thank you very much for sharing.


  2. Cool idea! Toast is the one thing that both my girls will eat no problems so I am not sure if I dare risk going down the route of painting it as I can see us having to do this every morning – not great for getting out of the house on time for work/school!!

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