10 Tips for Traveling with Infants


On this weeks episode of the HomeBase Podcast, I talked about some great Travel Tips for all of you traveling this summer with infants! I wanted to compile them into a list for you guys. For a more detailed account, be sure to check out the episode: Summer Fun and Travel Tips!

1. Odor Repelling Trash Bags

Arm&Hammer makes a good one that will attach to your diaper bag!

2. Mirror on the headrest –

Line it up just right and you can see your little pumpkin while your driving down the road!

3. Dress your little munchkin in airy clothes.

They are going to be confined and in the sun so let those legs and arms breathe.

4. Window Covering

These window clings will help minimize the heat and reduce the glare on your little guys.

5. Nap Time Music

whether it’s a white noise machine or a lullaby CD have it with you to help the peanuts fall asleep!

6. Boppy

If you nurse on a Boppy, bring it with you! Anything you can do to make feeding in the car easier, do it!

7. Fun CD

When the crying starts, have a kid friendly fun CD on stand by to change the mood in the car.

8. Toys!

This may be a no brainer, but load them up with toys, hand them around the car to keep them occupied.

9. Stop at Rest Stops

The bathrooms are cleaner and you’re guaranteed to have a changing table.

10. Baby Yoga

When you are stopped and changing the diaper do some baby yoga to get their little limbs moving.

Always be safe and never text while driving!

The Freerange Family

4 thoughts on “10 Tips for Traveling with Infants

  1. A great list here, some really good suggestions, I particularly like the idea of odor repelling trash bags.. I’m not sure you can get them here?! Thankyou so much for linking up with #busydoinglife again this week, it’s great to have you joining in!

  2. entertainingelliot says:

    I’m a big fan of the fun cd! We have a range of different ones and actually, some of them are really catchy and I find myself singing the songs for hours after hehe! My little man is almost 3 and he loves singing along in the car but the only trouble is now he grumbles if I have my music on!! #busydoinglife

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