I Am……….

When I was in fifth grade I had to write a short poem (it did not have to rhyme) that was about what made me who I am. I took great pride in listing all the silly things that made me up. It was also a very refreshing process. It made me stop and think about where I have been and what things have stuck with me this far. From time to time I like to compile a list and refocus myself.  This is my list. (This is not meant to be a great piece of literary work but simply my way of refocusing, if it inspires or intrigues another person than bully!)


I Am…………………

a quiet rain, a roaring wind, a slow snow fall

a cookbook, a cozy fire, a cup of tea

a new jar of plato, a classroom, a tutu

a climbing tree, a rope swing, a pool of water

a field, a cat, a giant dog

a campground, a mountain, a beautiful beach

a book, a bookstore, a library

a Halloween, a Thanksgiving, a Christmas (the beautiful trifecta)

a brisk and lovely Fall, a glitzy and beautiful Winter

a glass of cider, an apple orchard, a thin mint cookie

a bowl of mint chocolate chip, a plate of chinese

a box of new crayons, a fundraising catalog, a pink doughnut

a strawberry patch, a tree named Hermey, a trampoline

a small town, a metropolis, a broken down house

a Jimmy, a crash, a speedster

a home decorator, a hair dresser, a shopper

a cheerleader, a baker, a teacher

a wife, a child, a nerd

an organizer, a perfectionist, a controller

a Hello Kitty, a Alice in Wonderland

a necklace, an earring, a pair of jeans

a Little Miss, a brunette, a Grand Daughter

a funky purse, a studded belt, a Christian

a person compiled of so many little things, but each plays a part in making me who I love to be!



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