Ode to an Apartment

It may be highly personal but this is an ode to mine and my husbands apartment. We are moving next week and I still can’t get my mind wrapped around it. It’s been almost three years since we got married and took our first steps into the little 900 sq. foot apartment. It did not take long for it to start feeling like home. I always knew when we had to leave here that it wouldn’t be easy but I wasn’t expecting it to come so soon.

Its amazing how you get attached to a place. I personally have moved a lot for my age. My family had lived in 5 places by the time I was 18. Every time we moved it seemed like the end of something and the beginning of something else. Maybe our lives are separated into chapters, my chapters just seem to always correspond with houses. Welcome to living with a family that is obsessed with change.

For me though change can be exciting, but it also means loading up your memories of that place and time, and packing them up and taking them with you. I find myself looking back a lot to see where I have been, and remember what places have made me. Its hard and emotional to always look back, but if you don’t you may forget. There are definitely things I wouldn’t want to forget.

The snow on the long side walk leading up to the stairs, my long white train draped across his shoulders as he carried me up the stairs to a door with a brass knocker.

I will always remember.

The glitter of our first Christmas tree, the cat sprawled in front of the fire, my first cookies baked in my very own oven.

I will always remember.

Walking to the gym in the middle of the night, Pancakes at 2:00 am, falling asleep with the TV on.

I will always remember.

The fights that we had, the love that was made, our precious beginning.

I will always remember.

You have housed all of these memories, and held them in your walls. I will take them with me now and promise to always remember you well.


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