Waking Up to Sunshine

Eyes blinking open, flutter open, open wide

Legs lay stiff from a cold empty night

The sun pours in, brightening room, warming face

Beginning the day, the morning takes its place.


Afternoon brings the heat, the sun at its peak

Lunch as a picnic by the bay of the creek

The grass between your toes tickles up to your nose

The water on the rocks shimmers  and glows as it flows.


Can you stand still by a tall oak tree

Can you listen to the rattle of the branches and the leaves

Dare you climb to the top to see the blue in the sky

Or lay in the grass, watch the clouds float by.


The sun sets its wings on a crest, say goodnight

The moon floats to sky and ushers in the light

Back to your bed, where dreams never cease

May the stars guide your thoughts as you lay fast asleep.


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