In a little apartment in Indiana, that was covered with brick, lived a young women and her faithful side kicks………….if you get the reference then congratulations you are in the right place and if you didn’t then no worries I will educate you yet!

So I am a young women, a preschool teacher, to be exact. My faithful side kicks are my loving husband and our fur ball cat (ha-ha that rhymed) The cat’s name is Ping he provides us with our comic relief.

So lets see Me, Me, Me, Me……..where do I start? Lets not start with an itemized list, no big gulps. Instead I will give you (the reader) little sips at a time.

Sip of the Day!

I am an aspiring author. Look forward to some glimpses at my manuscripts, thoughts and perspective on some great books, and daily casual conversation on a vast number of topics. WELCOME!


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